glyx aims to be a gtkmm front end to the excellent document processor, LyX. Some inspiration in design is also drawn from another excellent program, TeXmacs.

Technically, LyX is GUI independent in general, and by default uses an XForms front end. I'm more of a gtk+/GNOME person, and decided to attempt this as a way to sink my teeth into gtkmm. glyx is coded in C++.

It should depend on the following software to build:

  • glib
  • gnomemm
  • gtk+
  • gtkmm
  • lyx

Currently, glyx is in the design stages. If you'd like to help, contact me [harishn at hotmail dot com]. The summary page at sourceforge should have more information. There is also a forum up.

glyx is free software released under the GPL, and is graciously hosted by sourceforge.

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